Friday, August 6, 2010

The 'Nam

Continued from the previous post...

And then there was "The 'Nam", a war comic book series detailing the U.S. War in Vietnam from the perspective of active-duty soldiers involved in the conflict. It was written by Doug Murray, initially illustrated by Michael Golden, edited by Larry Hama and published by Marvel Comics for seven years beginning in 1986, which was originally intended to roughly parallel the analogous events of the period of major American military involvement in Vietnam from 1966 to 1972. [source: wiki]

The comic is structured as the narrative of a fictional soldier, Private First Class Edward Marks (but sometimes following other characters), as he experiences real events that occurred during the conflict. Each issue of the comic occurs one month after the previous issue, detailing events that occurred approximately 20 years prior to the publication date.

Issue #1 dealt with Marks' arrival in 'Nam and being introduced to the guys

And going on his first Search-and-Destroy mission

PFC Edward Marks' first encounter with the VC

And getting a lift back to base camp

Riding in hueys of course

In Issue#2, Marks sets up his first ambush

Michael Golden's art is simply mind-blowing and he really brings the scene and mood across very well visually, and you can see and feel the tension of the moment

It started out very well but many changes occurred in the series after the first 12 issues; the use of newsprint was abandoned in favor of slicker paper with higher color intensity. Artist Mike Golden was also replaced. Murray left when changes in editorial policies took place. And that's the end of that :(


Anonymous said...

I have all the early issues of the 'Nam, one of my favourite comics growing up. Can't wait for HTs version of the Platoon license!

cosmicbaby said...

I have the 1st 12 issues, I stop becoz Mike Golden stop drawing it! Tot short lived, but it was a blast!

alex teo said...

Agreed :> it was GREAT while Murray and Mike Golden was on board.